National Guard chaplain performs an exorcism at a Church’s chicken restaurant

A US Army National Guard chaplain in Puerto Rico was recorded performing what appeared to be an exorcism on a troubled man.

The video, which comes from an unknown original source and takes place at an unknown place and time in the past year, shows the uniformed soldier confronting a disheveled man who is acting strangely.

The woman can be heard performing an exorcism as the man spoke in tongues and hit himself.

“Do not hurt him. He belongs to Christ now in the name of Christ,” she began in Spanish.

As she continued to call the alleged demon, the man was compelled to lay on the ground.

But it wasn’t until she said, “I declare him free now by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ,” that the demon allegedly responded.

“He is mine,” the man (or demon) responded in a deep voice.

“No, he was never yours,” she said.

The man appeared to succumb to her words and was visibly shaking on the ground.

“Get out in Jesus’ Name. Spirit of depression come out, the spirit of drug addiction and homosexuality, I rebuke you in the name of Christ,” she said.

A Christian soldier –most well known for baptizing a soldier who later drowned- with a large following reposted the video a few months ago and his followers were moved by the experience.

“I told you guys that it was WAR TIME! I found a sister in Christ just like me,” Marcus Rogers wrote.

“Praise God! It is so incredible to know that there are people in the United States Military that are spirit-filled and unafraid and not embarrassed to take her place and be about the Father’s work,” a top comment reads.

While the location of the Church’s chicken in Puerto Rico cannot be confirmed, a sign outside of the building indicates its near one of EDP University’s locations.

Based on the soldier’s patch on her uniform, Popular Military was able to determine she is assigned to the 101st Troop Command in the Puerto Rico National Guard.

A user on YouTube claimed she is also a police officer in Puerto Rico while correcting a YouTuber who made a reaction video claiming it took place at a Taco Bell.

The most recent post of the video was on Reddit two days ago, which had Redditors amused by the affair.

“Catholic Action Ribbon,” one wrote.

“The messages are ultra-lingual,” chimed another.

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