Nasty note left on disabled female Marine’s car at Lowes

Catherine Rodriguez, a veteran of the Marine Corps, had served in the Marines for four years when it all came to an end.

“I ended up with anaphylactic shock, and the lack of oxygen caused me to have epilepsy that cannot be controlled by medication,” she said.

According to KKTV, after several brain surgeries she still suffers from debilitating seizures.

“It can be very difficult to get to the vehicle and I sometimes do not remember where we are parked. I get lost in stores and stuff sometimes,” Rodriguez said.

She has a service dog and a handicap parking placard to help her with her disabilities.

On Sunday, she and her husband parked in a disabled parking spot when shopping at a Lowes in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Upon returning to their vehicle, they were shocked to find a note stuck on the sign for the accessible parking spot.

It read, “Sure don’t look or ‘act’ handicap! Don’t care what you think!”

“I thought it was kind of funny how people can judge just by how somebody looks whether they have a disability or not,” she said.

“Not all disabilities are visible; you cannot see all of them, and some are definitely very internal — so never judge a book by a cover,” Rodriguez said.

“Rodriguez suggests that if you have a question about someone’s disability, don’t leave a note. Just ask.” – KKTV

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