Murdered veteran named soldiers charged for his death in a ‘drug incident’ last year

The two Joint Base Lewis McChord soldiers who have been charged in the murder of a veteran in late April were reported to be with the deceased at a house party prior to his death- and video footage has confirmed their presence.

Raylin D. James and Joshua Q. Gerald, both 20-year-old privates stationed at JBLM, have been identified as the men involved in the Leroy J. Scott murder.

Scott’s body was found badly beaten and dumped in a creek.

While James and Gerald initially denied their involvement, both men were found to have not only been present at the house party, but one was seen on a security camera trying to wash Scott’s blood out of his car.

“The male in the [car wash surveillance] video was identified as Raylin Dwayne James and can be seen washing the specific stains seen in the video from the vehicle,” an affidavit read, noting that James “later admitted that this was Scott’s blood.”

Additionally, Gerald was filmed rapping at the party, according to the Army Times.

James told Army CID agents that he believed Gerald had actually done something to Scott, who had identified them as being involved in a drug-related incident.

“[James] confirmed that Scott had fingered both he and Gerald for a drug incident back in November/December and that he didn’t believe as of a couple months ago that Gerald was over what happened between them,” the affidavit read.

Scott’s vehicle, which was found abandoned on the Interstate,  was recovered and is in evidence pending a search warrant.

It is now believed that Gerald had committed the murder, while James attempted to destroy evidence.

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