Motorcyclists held at gun point after trying to sneak in USAF base for second time

Attempting to sneak onto a U.S. military installation is never a good idea and could easily get you killed, but that did not stop two motorcyclists from pushing their luck.

The self-described adventure motorcyclists attempted to enter “Area 51,” which is officially a classified detachment of Edwards Air Force Base.  The base sits on the southwest corner of Groom Lake which is about 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

While it is not uncommon for people to approach the gates of the base, what is uncommon about the motorcyclists’ experience is they were able to get away with recording base security personnel.  It seems to film the security was their original intention because of the closest that any civilian personnel can get to the base, legally, is nowhere near close enough to see the base, even with high powered optics.

The route they attempted to enter the base was through the back (North), which has an official gate that sits over 30 miles away from the base and has any possible view obscured by Chalk Mountain. This gate is the most popular for tourists to visit because it sits along Nevada State Route 375 aka “The Extraterrestrial Highway” -the only public road remotely close to the base.

The adventure seekers tried to bypass the gate for the second time this year by using one of the many unnamed and unofficial dirt roads that head towards the base. These roads will take the ones brave enough to try closer to the base than the main gates, but will ultimately end with security interdicting.

The gate to the East is fifteen miles away and the gate the West is 30 miles -all over mountain ranges that obscure any possible view of the base.

The base is so large and secluded from public view that it would take 4.5 hours to drive from the West gate to the East gate without entering the base.

All of the gates have warning signs that clearly indicate it is a U.S. Air Force installation that prohibits photography and warns that trespassing is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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