Mosul operation uncovers ISIS’s large scale weapon and explosive production

An arms monitoring group reports that the Islamic State has been producing weapons and explosives on a standardized industrial scale, based on information gathered from several coalition-captured ISIS facilities in Mosul, Iraq.

The Conflict Armament Research group (CAR) -which identifies weapons used in conflicts- said ISIS had a “robust supply chain” of raw materials coming from Turkey and technical precision that resulted in a fairly solid “improvised” weapons manufacturing capability.

“Although production facilities employ a range of non-standard materials and chemical explosive precursors, the degree of organization, quality control, and inventory management indicates a complex, centrally controlled industrial production system,” the group said after visiting six Mosul-based facilities formerly controlled by ISIS.

The capture of the facilities is all thanks to the Iraqi military’s recent campaign to take the Iraqi ISIS stronghold of Mosul, resulting in elite Iraqi troops taking the improvised “industrial facilities” by way of gruelling street fighting and slow advances with US support.

CAR reports state that the facilities had production measures in place that not only ensured standardization of munitions manufactured, but had a quality control system derived from a central authority.

“Mortar rounds manufactured in one part of IS forces’ territory are calibrated to fit mortar tubes produced in facilities located elsewhere,” the report said.

YPG/SDF units took control of a factory in Manbij where ISIS fighters produced mortars.

The efforts appear to be ISIS’ attempt at appearing more like a unified and legitimate military force.

According to Reuters, CAR also found documents suggesting that ISIS had equipped fighters with sophisticated instructions on making and planting improvised explosive devices, in addition to “manuals” on how to operate more complex weapons, such as guided anti-tank missiles.

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