Money isn’t everything: Veteran still misses the Army despite making lots of money after getting out

Source: TikTok/Instagram

A former US Army Soldier with a considerate social media following is now “taking up the prone position” for different reasons.

Molly Putman, known as “SPCMollyy” on TikTok has seemingly traded in her military bearing for a modern take on the oldest profession in the world, though the uniform still remains for some of her TikTok and Instagram content.

The Army veteran, who got out sometime recently, has been busy on a subscription-based adult content site.

Hints across her social media imply that she had spent some of her time working in the Aviation branch at Fort Rucker, Alabama, Fort Carson, CO, and is likely a native of the State of Florida.

While in high school, she was a dancer who aspired to be on Broadway.

While some would say she probably fell short of that goal as she ultimately went for the life of an e-girl after the Army.

It is unknown what prompted Putman to switch careers in such a drastic way, though she doesn’t seem to have any shortage of business.

When asked by a follower if she preferred the Army over her new career, she said, “let’s just say my current job makes me way more money but I will say I miss the good times I had in the Army.”

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The petite blonde has nearly 6,000 Twitter followers and boasts approximately 8,812 and 59,200 followers on Instagram and TikTok, respectively.

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