Model arrested by counter-terrorism unit for ties to ISIS

27-year-old Kimberly Miners was arrested for allegedly possessing terrorist documents.

Kimberley Miners, a former Page 3 glamor model for the tabloid magazine The Sun, was arrested by a counter-terrorism unit in England. The 27-year-old model was held for 24 hours for suspicion of the possession of terrorist material, according to The Guardian.

She was allegedly using multiple Facebook profiles to speak with an Isis recruiter in Syria -called Abu Usamah al-Britani- who is trying to recruit a new generation of jihadist brides from the West.

She denied converting to Islam, expressing she had no desire to marry a jihadist.  However, she did admit to traveling to Turkey on two separate occasions.

Miners maintains her innocence, claiming her identity was stolen.

She has been released on bail pending further inquiries.


  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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