Missing Veteran with PTSD still needs public’s help to be found

It has been just over a month since a Fayetteville, North Carolina veteran went missing and  his family and friends of a  hope that he is alive and found soon.

Michael Kirkpatrick, a 29 year old husband and father of two children, is said to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was last seen leaving his home in Fayetteville last month. And according to friends, Kirkpatrick was very distraught the day before he went missing.

According to WNCN, North Carolina’s Cumberland County Sheriff Deputies say that there hasn’t been any recent activity in his bank account. Mr. Kirkpatrick also left his cell phone at home, and authorities have no way to contact him or try to track him using the phone.

Mr. Kirkpatrick was seen driving his black 2006 Toyota Scion at the time of his disappearance. The car was found north of Ashville, North Carolina, but there were no signs of Mr. Kirkpatrick.

Hours after discovering the vehicle, the investigators saw a post on Mr. Kirkpatrick’s Facebook page that said, “I’m alive everybody, I’m on the greatest adventure of my life.”

WNCN spoke with Mr. Kirkpatrick’s mother, Deborah, who believes that the Facebook message was written by her missing son.

Deborah Kirkpatrick said that her son frequently goes camping, but she is wondering where he is right now.

Rachel Jackson, who works for the National Veteran Search and Rescue, has coordinated over 40 searches for missing veterans, including the search effort for Mr. Kirkpatrick. According to her, his sudden disappearance is common.

Ms. Jackson also said, “A lot of our vets feel safer in the wooded elements and away from public and society to clear their minds.”

The Facebook message believed to be from Mr. Kirkpatrick went on to say, “got a lot of preparing to do, winter will set in soon.”

When asked about the message, Mr. Kirkpatrick’s mother said, “I don’t know what that means. Apparently it means he’s not coming home, this is what I can’t stand, its driving me crazy.”

Mr. Kirkpatrick’s friends and family are worried about his mental state. His roommate, Jeremy Tauzell, told the Fayetteville Observer that Mr. Kirkpatrick was very depressed the day before he went missing. Mr. Tauzell also said, “It was probably the worst I have seen him.”

When asked by WNCN what she would like to say to him in case he was listening, Mr. Kirkpatrick’s mother said, “Everybody loves you and misses you, and I miss you so much, I’ve been just sitting and been going back to the day you were born, when the nurses called you bright eyes until the very last time I saw you. I’m going through every chapter of your life, please come home Michael because I really miss you, your dad misses you,”

Cumberland County Sheriff deputies say their search is still active.



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