Minors take stand in court-martial of Army major to accuse of sex abuse

Major Christian Martin

The court-martial of an Army Major, which began this week in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, is filled with sex lies and videotape.

Maj. Christian Martin is accused of sexually and physically abusing ‘multiple juveniles’  dating back to 2008 — while he was stationed n Germany. During Monday’s court proceedings, the jury heard from witnesses, now ages 12, 15 and 19, who all testified that Martin abused them.

According to the Leaf Chronicle, Martin’s violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice stems from charges which include:  sexual assault, conduct unbecoming an officer, mishandling classified information and communicating a threat.

Martin is also a “person of interest” in a triple murder case in Pembroke, Kentucky.

Martin’s ex-wife Joan Harmon is a key witness in the case. She’s accused her husband of abuse and was allegedly having an affair with the man who handed over “secret” discs  to the FBI — which reportedly had on them incriminating evidence against Martin.

That man, Calvin Phillips, was murdered just a few weeks before the court -martial was set to begin.

Martin’s home was raided by a SWAT team after the murders of Phillips, his wife Pamela, and a neighbor, Ed Dansereau. All of them found dead, last November, in Pembroke.

Major Martin was questioned for days, but no charges were filed against him in the triple homicide case.

Defense attorneys are trying to make the case that Harmon is not a credible witness.  They’ve stated that she was already married to a Tennessee man when she married Martin in 2004 and  was convicted of bigamy back in October.  Harmon also allegedly told Martin that a former husband of hers was killed in a logging accident in Oregon, but that turned out to be a lie too.

Maj. Martin denies any involvement in the triple murder case and says his ex-wife is just trying to get revenge, according to WSMV.  Martin says he has drained all of his savings, spending around $100,000 dollars on lawyers and private investigators to prove his innocence.

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