Millions continue to watch 33-year-old Iraq war vet taking his life with a shotgun

A 33-year-old Army veteran took his own life over Facebook live, and the video footage has been difficult to remove from the internet- particularly TikTok.

Mississippi resident Ronnie McNutt, who served in Iraq and later worked for Toyota, took his life with a shotgun while on Facebook Live on August 31.

According to the New York Post, it is believed that the suicide was due to loss of employment and a breakup.

While there were some witnesses, the issue of people being able to watch the suicide live was quickly overshadowed by a larger problem: recordings of the live stream were being disseminated all over the internet, quickly becoming “viral.”

Within a short amount of time, the video was trending on the “For You” section of Tik-Tok, a CCP-owned social media app that has taken hold with young Americans.

“If you see this guy on your FYP [For You page] please scroll up immediately, it’s very gruesome and I highly suggest you stay away from TikTok for a while,” one user said on Twitter.

McNutt’s friends claimed that they attempted to stop him, but could not reach him in time.

“I tried but apparently it wasn’t quick enough to reach him,” one wrote on social media.

It is unknown why videos surrounding such matters even began trending on social media, though it may be a symptom of a larger societal problem.

A website (we chose to not name) has racked up over 8 million views of McNutt’s suicide.

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