Military veteran pretends to be an officer during road rage incident, shoots car

The footage -filmed from inside the vehicle- shows a furious Hoefert screaming into a phone as he bolts down the road, with two screaming children in the back seat.

“I am armed. I’m about to blast this guy in the face,” he said to someone on the phone. “I have two kids in the car and he’s causing a lot of s**t. He hit me again! He hit me again!”

Hoefert had initially made contact with the motorist, identified as Nathaniel Jack, after a neighbor flagged him down and said Jack had been causing trouble.

Pulling up and introducing himself as a “Sheriff’s Officer,” Hoefert soon drew an unchambered pistol, racked a round and aimed it at Jack.

As Jack flees, Hoefert turns on lights and sirens, securing his seatbelt- which just so happens to have an Umbrella Corporation pad on it- a reference to the paramilitary security force in the Resident Evil game & film franchise.

Calling law enforcement, Hoefert tells dispatch that he is being attacked as the two vehicles engage in a back-and forth exchange of vehicle ramming.

Coming to a stop, Hoefert then stepped out of his truck and fired multiple shots.

According to the Daily Mail, Hoefert was charged with shooting from a car, child abuse and using unauthorized emergency equipment and will be sentenced later this week.

There is a warrant out for Jack’s arrest.

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