Military themed ‘breastaurant’ looking to expand across the country

A “military themed” restaurant featuring scantily-clad women wrapped in bandoliers and military chic apparel is set to prop up franchises all over the nation, with owners insisting they are not a “breastaurant.”

Originating in Houston, Bombshells is looking to set up around one hundred new franchises over the next five years, with revenue for the fiscal year having grown over six percent and spiking to 10.5 percent in its fourth quarter.

Owned by RCI Hospitality (which also owns a swath of cabarets and adult nightclubs across the country), the brass behind Bombshells are standing firm on their stance that the chain is more like a Dave & Busters than a hooters.

“It is not a so-called ‘breastaurant,’ ” insisted spokesman Gary Fishman.

According to the New York Post, the eatery does share some resemblance with practices of risque dining facilities such as Twin Peaks, Hooters and the Tilted Kilt franchises, such as being encouraged to be flirty with customers and being contractually regulated on what makeup and attire they sport on the job.

“Our uniform is like a cheerleader outfit,” director of operations David Simmons said.

Despite the similarities, Bombshells is working to divert their market to more family-themed dining- and apparently it is working.

“It’s drawing people in at lunch and going all the way to 2 a.m.,” said retail analyst Frank Camma, who says Bombshells “has cross-appeal” and draws in more women than Hooters.

RCI is currently preening Bombshells for massive growth, utilizing research and marketing tactics to take advantage of the restaurant business in a time when the industry is shrinking.

“We think the franchising and growth of this concept will greatly enhance shareholder value, and [we] view Bombshells as a buried ‘gem,’ ” Camma wrote in a report.

Bombshells Chief Executive Eric Langan recently cited the election as a positive note in their growth as well.

“I think overall the election is turning out to be very, very, very positive for us so far,” he reportedly told Wall Street in a conference call.

However, with the restaurant industry being highly unpredictable, it remains to be seen if Bombshells franchises will explode with good effect- or fizzle out as duds.

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