Military Police woman records last shift; says Army is leaving her broken

(Editor’s note: It has come to our attention that some readers have misread and been misled. The two policewomen are in a platonic relationship.)  

A soon-to-be discharged noncommissioned officer in the Military Police inadvertently reminds us why most military personnel have no business being YouTube personalities while on active duty, goofing off at her post with a friend during a half-hour long “end of career” special that could be considered a dereliction of duty.

Sergeant Jeanette Bautista, a military policewoman at Fort Carson, Colorado, filmed her last day on duty with her long-time friend, who is also a sergeant. On her last shift, Bautista was serving as Sergeant of the Guard (SOG), she spent nearly half an hour of her supervisory shift doing an interview with her fans on YouTube Live.

During the interview, the two admitted that they’ve never deployed in the five years they’ve been MPs, and have known each other since they first processed to go to basic training.

While manning the front gate, the two get rather chummy while performing their duties, with Bautista’s buddy planting a kiss on the side of her head.

After a while, the camera panned over to show base operations at the front gate, revealing camera locations and gate security procedures.

During the interview, Bautista and her buddy expressed their desire to get out, doing a little dance while they talked about being done with the service.

“As much as sometimes I say I don’t like it and can’t wait to get out, that’s absolutely fricken true,” Bautista said. “I can’t wait to get out.”

However, both admitted that they will miss the military in some ways.

Bautista and her fellow sergeant plan on living together when they get out of the service and are looking to move to Portland, Oregon.

“We’re gonna freakin kill it,” she said. “And drink all the beer.”

The video was posted in late November, and it is unknown if the two have separated from the military yet.

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