Military Police officer grabs local policewoman’s breasts during training

Vet-TV has done it again, this time teaming up with a few police YouTubers to create a hilarious video about policing -or Military Policing- in 2019.

The film-savvy hammer swingers at Vet-TV joined forces with Angry Cops and Donut Operator to take on 2019’s post-“Ma’ampocalypse” landscape, reminding officers and Military Police alike that it’s important to be, uh…thorough.

Part of the Checkpoint Charlie series, “Training Day” involves a scenario when a Military Police unit (led by an NCO with irritable bowels) is forced to cross-train with a local civilian police department.

Going over proper search techniques under the watchful eye of a rather masculine-looking officer who goes by “Ma’am,” the junior enlisted and NCO MPs are subjected to rather handsy suspect pat-down techniques that both rustle and bruise their collective jimmies.

The civilian police and MPs passively-aggressively exchange blows with each other, while educating the general public that woman’s cleavage can, in fact, be used for storing more than IDs and money.

The entire episode is available by downloading the Vet-TV app.

Known for crossing the line in the name of relatable comedy, Vet-TV stands apart from their cable TV comedy counterparts by not being bound down with political correctness.

Donut Operator is a former SWAT member and gamer with over 561,456 subscribers to his channel, while police officer and Soldier Angry Cops has around 165,683 subscribers.

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