Military officer’s wife attempts to use husband’s rank, gets put in place

Most who served in the military have heard horror stories of or experienced threats from spouses of service members of higher rank, but this story is one of rarity because the spouse is smacked with instant karma.

The exact date of the story is unknown because it has been circulating since it was originally shared but here it is:

So, working at the visitor center for Eglin [Air Force Base] a few years back…

We had a line of people getting passes for friends/family. In this line was a woman with a very similar haircut and attitude. After about 5 minutes or so she starts getting fidgety and anxious and she is still like 7 people from the front.

A few minutes after that she starts verbalizing her complaints, “Why is this taking so long? I shouldn’t have to wait..” Cry cry, bitch bitch. At one point she steps around the people in front of her up to the desk and demands to be attended to now.

I tell her to get back in line and wait like everyone else. She disagrees with me and loudly proclaims she shouldn’t have to wait in line as her husband is an officer and a fighter pilot. I tell her, in no uncertain terms, that I don’t care at all who her husband is and to get back in line or get kicked out. This angered her as I was a lowly SrA cop.

She then asks for my supervisors name because she will call her husband to talk to my supervisor about the way she was treated.

At this point the woman who was waiting in line just in front of pilot wife steps forward and taps her on the shoulder.

Woman, “I heard you say your husband is a fighter pilot here and you shouldn’t have to wait in line because of this?”
Pilot wife, “Yes that is what I said.”
Woman, “Do you know who my husband is?”
Pilot wife, “No.”

At this point I could just feel that shit was about to get real.

The woman points to the picture of the base commander on the wall and says, “That is my husband and I would very much like to know your husbands name and his phone number. I’m sure he and my husband will have a very interesting conversation about the way you were treated here today.”

Boom, mic dropped. Oh you don’t know how hard I struggled not to laugh or smile hearing that…

Any who, pilot wife gave up the phone number then went to the back of the line. She was also much more polite when she got back up to the desk.

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