Military medals stolen from fallen soldier’s family

Army National Guard Sgt. Drew Scobie gave his life for his country when shot down in Afghanistan last January.  To honor his sacrifice, Scobie’s family was given medals recognizing his bravery and courage.  In an instant they were gone, taken by a thief from their Hawaiian home.

According to Hawaii News Now, Karen Tao was constructing a display of her son’s accomplishments in their family home.  She had already compiled pictures of Scobie, pieces of his uniform and an American flag.  At his funeral, she was given medals, certificates and a ribbon.  She was going to add them to the display but an act of selfishness took that chance away from her.

Last Wednesday, someone entered their home and stole several of the medals.  Also taken was a camera, computer, and some jewelry but all the family wants is for the medals to be returned.

Scobie was 25 when he died.  His daughter, Drew, was named in memory of him.  He never got to meet her as she was born after his death.

The camera held pictures of Scobie’s funeral and the birth of Drew but the family just wants the medals back.  The medals have no street value.  They can’t be sold or melted down.  As Hawaii News Now stated so accurately, the medals are priceless reminders for his family of his service and sacrifice.

“You feel very violated,” said Tao. “Knowing someone would take something so personal like that, it’s heartbreaking to me.”

“We don’t think they’re worth much except the value of what they are to us,” says McKenna Panui-Scobie, Scobie’s widow.

KHON reported that the family believes the home was burglarized between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.  They are hoping someone has information on the incident.

“The family’s not interested in prosecuting, they just want it (the medals) back, no questions asked,” says Lt. Col. Chuck Anthony of the Hawaii National Guard.

The family has a message for the thief if somehow he is watching.

“We’d like to get those back (the medals). We can always buy one (camera) and replace it. That’s what was given to us at the funeral,” Panui-Scobie said.

The family is asking anyone who has information on the whereabouts of the medals or would like to turn them in to contact the Hawaii National Guard, no questions asked. The Guard can be reached at (808) 733-4258.


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