Military hackers shut down man who bragged about stealing valor, said he would never stop

After a man who went by the online name of johnnyb34434 called out all active duty military and veterans, saying “catch me if you can,” a group of ‘angry veterans’ went on the offensive.

Johnny B claimed that he regularly stole valor and challenged anyone willing to stop him.

He described how he dressed up in uniform to have three day feasts for free at all the restaurants that offer meals on Veterans day and Memorial day weekend.

It wasn’t long before his video was pulled from the internet and he was hacked.

The hacker posted this message:

“Greetings world, I am a member of The Brotherhood. Seeing Dan Ran Imply ” fat f*** pretending to be a group beating himself.”, this is just a piece of evidence we are not Johnny b. To the world you have wanted peace at most, and we are now giving it to you, the people, the angry veterans, and those who want trash like this disposed. We are now the protectors, we are now the just, we are coming out of the shadows.”

YouTube video

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