Military family-owned gym accused of making “tasteless” 9/11 tribute

A military family-owned gym in Virginia is under fire after they posted a “tasteless” of their gym-goers posing in front of a wall mural depicting the burning Twin Towers.

The Born Primitive gym attempted to honor those who died on September 11, 2001, by creating a giant mural of the World Trade Center being struck by a hijacked airliner.

When the mural was complete, seven individuals involved with the gym posed in front of it, wearing USA-themed gym clothing and bearing wide grins.

The images were posted to social media, where they were less than popular, eventually leading to the photo being removed.

“How tasteless can you be?” one user commented.

Later, the gym posted a photo of their employees working out in front of the mural, expressing their desire to “set things right.”

“Some of you thought the last picture we posted in front of the 911 mural at our HQ was in poor taste,” the gym wrote on Instagram. “Fair point. But just to set the record straight, here is a sequence that shows our employees busting their a**es for 50 minutes in a long and difficult Remembrance Workout. Our employees are made up of active duty military and their spouses and a retired police officer and spouse. We will be hosting a second workout on Saturday that is open to all military and first responders and the purpose is to raise money for first responder charities.”

One wife of a police officer responded to the new photo, explaining why the first image was so unappealing and thanking the gym for remedying their error.

“I appreciate the removal of the initial photo,” the spouse wrote. “I stopped in my tracks while scrolling at the dichotomy of smiling faces with that horror of a backdrop. I get the honor and remembrance of having the mural. I think the photo was just in bad taste from an onlookers perspective.”

Born Primitive is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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