Mexican lady hands over US-made bomb during gun buy back near US border

A Mexican woman took advantage of a Juarez-area gun buyback program to dispose of an American-made aerial bomb, earning $42 for her find.

The bomb was turned in on Friday as part of the “Arm yourself with Courage and Disarm Yourself” program (we’re not kidding), and the woman involved had to request that police come to her home to pick the item up.

The woman was taken to the police station, where she was rewarded 800 pesos, or $42.

The bomb, which was misidentified by Daily Mail as a “missile,” appears to be an inert training bomb used for aerial target practice.

Since it is missing its warhead, it is little more than a giant chunk of metal and is now in custody of the Mexican National Defense Secretary’s office.

The gun buyback program in Ciudad Juarez has certain levels of protection for those turning in weapons, and the woman’s identity was not revealed.

Since the new year, there have been 449 homicides in the area of Juarez.

Juarez has a population over 1.3 million and sits directly on the U.S. border, barely separated from El Paso, Texas by the Rio Grande and a fence.

El Paso is home to Fort Bliss, an 11-acre U.S. Army installation.

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