Men brawl over 49ers’ national-anthem-kneeling quarterback at Dolphins stadium in Miami

Fans were caught on camera throwing punches in the stands as the Miami Dolphins took on the San Francisco 49er’s at the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

“Go back to New York. Leave, go to another country,” someone is heard saying on the video. “You know, take your Muslim quarterback.”

San Francisco 49ner’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, outraged many at the beginning of the NFL season when he started a trend of refusing to stand during the national anthem.

In September, the controversial quarterback knelt down as a Navy sailor sang The Star Spangled Banner ahead of the San Francisco 49ers final pre-season game in San Diego.

In Miami, he received the same response as he did in San Diego -a thunderous “boo” throughout the stadium.

It is not known when the video was recorded during the game. But tensions ran high near the end of the game as the 49ners were on the six yard line, with only seconds left and an opportunity to tie the game.

The fan who shot the video spoke to the CBS affiliate in Miami about the incident but doesn’t want to be identified.

“And as you can see in the video, the guy in the Suh jersey, of course, ended up landing punches to the 49er people’s face and also right next to a woman holding a small child,” he said.

The Miami Dolphins told CBS in Miami they are looking into the incident.

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