Memorial for retired Navy SEAL who was killed in accident stolen

A memorial for a retired Navy SEAL who was tragically killed last year has been stolen in Bethesda, Maryland.

64-year-old Timothy Holden, a well known businessman, cyclist, Navy SEAL, and Gulf War veteran was stuck and killed while riding his bicycle to meet his daughter for coffee.

The retired Navy Captain became a Navy SEAL, a counter-terrorism expert and served honorably during the Gulf War.  A man who survives war knows that surviving means that when death comes it will not be as honorable as it would in defense of his nation.  Holden, who committed his life to service of his country, didn’t have a chance to fight off death at home. He was killed early in the morning by a 22-year-old driver who hit him from behind.

Timothy Holden
Timothy Holden

To honor the warrior that was taken too soon, Peter Klosky bought and painted a road bicycle white to place along the road where he was killed, according to Fox5.  The “Ghost Bike” was draped with an american flag and secured to a stake that contained one of his medals.

Sometime during Memorial day weekend the “Ghost Bike” along with Holden’s medal was stolen from side of the Bethesda road it was placed on.

“The message is that symbols are important and we deserve to be able to have a memorial by the side of the road. Tim Holden’s death shouldn’t just be completely forgotten. The message is that bicyclists are people too.”

Holden was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery where thieves cannot stop him from being honored every memorial day. He left behind a wife, five daughters and three grandchildren.

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