Media uses the military as excuse to attack the president once again

The Commander in Chief told journalists not to worry about troops stationed at the border when it came to missing Thanksgiving- and by their responses, you’d think no servicemember had ever missed a meal in the history of the United States.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, President Donald Trump told reporters that the military members deployed to support US Customs & Border Protection agents at America’s porous southern border are proud to be doing their job and are worthy of all praise, noting that they would be taken care of during their CONUS deployment.

In fact, the Pentagon is shipping more than 300,000 pounds of turkey to troops deployed overseas and at the US-Mexico border, according to a statement by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

“America’s military men and women continually make sacrifices to secure our freedom,” said Army Brig. Gen. Mark Simerly, DLA Troop Support commander. “It is our duty to show our gratitude by providing them the very best Thanksgiving meal our country has to offer.”

All in all, the current spread for America’s on-duty personnel include 9,738 whole turkeys; 51,234 pounds of roasted turkey; 74,036 pounds of beef; 21,758 pounds of ham; 16,284 pounds of sweet potatoes; 67,860 pounds of shrimp; 81,360 pies; 19,284 pounds of cake and 7,836 gallons of eggnog along with many other holiday treats.

American servicemembers have been assigned to critical areas around the world -from combat zones to peacekeeping and support missions, as well as simply being stationed elsewhere- during national holidays since the US military came into existence. While modern troops may be inconvenienced by time away from their families, the personnel are generally well-cared for.

If one were to skim through stories posted by mainstream media, however, it would tell a different story. For example, Newsweek described the current border deployment as “the suffering of American troops who will be spending the holiday away from their families at the southern border,” seemingly forgetting that Customs & Border Protection Agents also have to skip holidays from time to time, just as police officers, firefighters and other professionals do.

Over 5,000 troops are going to be spending Thanksgiving on the border, providing support to CBP agents as they prepare to deal with the Thousands of migrants -many being military-aged males- that threaten to flood over the border in search of asylum, despite many having rejected asylum opportunities in other countries along their route.

“They are so proud to be representing our country on the border,” President Trump said. “Where if you look at what’s happening in Mexico the people from Tijuana are saying, ‘Wow these are tough people, they’re fighting us.’ They’re in fist fights all over the place.”

President Trump’s comments were a reference to the amount of recent blowback by Mexican locals, who have grown tired of the caravan’s presence, all while some Mexican military and police officials reported that some members of the caravan attacked them with guns and firebombs.

The president will likely conduct a conference call to US personnel, as he did last year.

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