Media attacks the President for taking photos with Navy SEALs in Iraq, releasing them to public

The media has gone into a frenzy following President Donald Trump’s visit to Iraq, particularly due to the fact that the visit allegedly exposed the deployed location of a Navy SEAL unit.

Making a clandestine visit to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq to spend Christmas Day with the troops, President Trump was spotted signing memorabilia and taking photos with several members of the military, including a US Navy Lieutenant Commander Kyu Lee, the resident chaplain of SEAL Team 5.

When President Trump paused to take a selfie with the Lieutenant Commander, the chaplain told him who he worked with, prompting the president to say, “Hey, in that case, let’s take a picture.”

Shortly after, the president uploaded a compilation video of his visit to his Twitter account, showing kitted-up special warfare operators posing with him and shaking hands.

This did not sit well with Newsweek and other media outlets, who seem to have quickly -and publicly- “connected the dots” regarding Lee’s affiliation, posting an article titled, “Donald Trump Twitter Account Video Reveals Covert US Navy SEAL Deployment During Iraq Visit.”

One Defense Department official told Newsweek that special operations forces generally have their faces blurred out in publicly-released photos.

“The deployments of special operation forces, including Navy SEALs are almost classified events, as to protect those men and women that are on the front lines of every overt and covert conflict the United States is involved in,” the Defense Department official said on condition of anonymity. ”Even during special operation demonstrations for congressional delegations or for the president or vice president, personnel either have their faces covered or their face is digitally blurred prior to a release to the general public.”

The Twitter video has around 40.4 million views.

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