Medal of Honor recipient under fire for posting a tribute to Gen. Milley

Source: Instagram/LinkedIn

A Marine Medal of Honor recipient known for controversial takes is once again under fire, this time for standing next to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a photo.

Dakota Meyer, who earned the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in Afghanistan in 2009, recently posted a photo of himself and General Mark Alexander Milley.

“Honored to stand in the room with such an incredible human being. The Joint Staff,” Meyer wrote on LinkedIn.

It didn’t take long before the MOH recipient started getting razzed by netizens for posing next to what could arguably be one of the least popular CJCSs in recent memory.

“Much respect to you, Dakota, but if by incredible you mean incredible failure, then yeah,” quipped retired US Marine Corps Sergeant Major Mark Davis.

“Hey?!” Sean Combs of Delta TechOps chimed in. “Isn’t the guy on the left the one who was allegedly caught warning the General of China in secrecy if the United States were to ever attack ahead of time under the previous administration? The guy who’s more concerned about, ‘white rage,’ over winning wars?”

Others felt such a comment from Meyer made sense, given his unpopular 2021 stance concerning civilians training with body armor.

“I didn’t know what this was about until I started reading the comments and saw it had to do with Dakota again,” one Instagram user wrote on Terminal CWO’s post about the matter. “That dude can’t help it. He was penetrated so deep it pierced his DNA and will be part of his family tree forever.”

“There are a lot of great Americans out there we could be giving accolades to. Maybe we could pick one of them next time,” TerminalCWO wrote.

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