Massive brawl breaks out during Army AIT in Georgia

A massive fight broke out between a large group of US Army Soldiers- and the internet is trying to figure out why.

The video, which began making its rounds on the internet from various sources over the weekend, shows what appears to be soldiers attending AIT- with not a single CamelBak-wearing individual sporting a unit or deployment patch.

The location of the incident is believed to be outside the barracks at Fort Gordon, Georgia, due to the architecture and building number visible in the video.

Two males can be seen initiating the fight, going round and round with each other as they trade blows.

Suddenly, a Soldier with a shaving profile emerged from the crowd with a flying kick, landing his boot into the chest of one of the combatants.

With all bets off, the entire formation breaks into melee combat, the crowd surging and receding across the “2970 BCT”-numbered pavilion like a living organism.

The brawl eventually made its way into the grass, where it was broken up. One Soldier was so angry that he had to be forcibly restrained by his peers.

It is unknown what started the fight, why Soldiers in training were allowed to film it, or where leadership was at the time.

Editor’s note: It was originally reported that this incident occurred during basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, but this was incorrect.

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