Married lesbian soldiers sentenced for murder of fellow National Guard soldier

Jessica and Jacqueline Wills were sentence for the murder of a fellow soldier, Sergeant Brian Santos, in 2014. (Screenshots from ABC video below)

A lesbian couple -who previously served together in the California Army National Guard- have been sentenced in the fatal stabbing of a fellow soldier on New Year’s Day of 2014.

Jessica and Jacqueline Wills seemed emotionless as they were sentenced on Tuesday after pleading “no contest” in January to the voluntary manslaughter charges brought against them in the death of Sergeant Brian Santos.

The couple managed to escape murder charges by accepting a plea deal, resulting in the couple only receiving three years in prison for the brutal killing.

According to The Associate Press, the couple’s deadly act took place on over four years ago when they stabbed a drunken Santos and then claimed that they were simply defending Santos’ girlfriend, alleging that he was abusive towards her.

“It just escalated and he came at me and I wasn’t going to die,” Jessica Wills told police in January 2014. “I wasn’t going to die tonight.”

Detectives, however, were not buying the story, adding that Jacqueline had called 911 and talked about the possibility of stabbing Santos. This, of, course didn’t add up when she claimed that she left the fight to get the knife from their home.

“What we want you to understand is he wants to leave,” Detective Andre Benson said of Santos in 2015. “His primary focus, and you said it, was to leave.”

The women claim that Santos had hit his girlfriend several times and was too drunk to leave.

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