Marines seem to be getting stir crazy after weeks of quarantine

US Marines at Camp Lejeune are getting a little stir crazy in light of quarantine, and the Corps can’t hide that which makes it to Twitter.

Running wild and with nothing to kill except time, Devil Dogs have resorted to battling it out with inflatables wrapped around their bodies, charging each other as if they were playing football.

Some Marines stagger about as if they are inebriated, while others remained inside of the barracks, filming away.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” one Marine said. “But it looks fun.”

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that in times of peace, “the warlike man attacks himself.” One Marine proved the intellectual’s point by lighting his own genitals on fire, for reasons unbeknownst to…Well, probably anyone.

The Marines seem to be having trouble with USMC guidelines on social distancing and order to wear protective equipment.

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