Marines official account of Las Vegas shooting ‘drops bomb’ on Bilzerian’s feud with Meyer

Amid the ongoing argument between Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer and Dan Bilzerian -the millionaire trust fund poker player- over his actions or lack thereof during the Las Vegas shooting, two Marines have given an official account of their bravery that day.

The US Marines on-scene at the time of the Las Vegas attack recount their extraordinary acts of heroism in the face of danger.

Mechanics Sergeant Michael Vura and Corporal Austin Cox of the USMC’s Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron were on the ground at a country music concert when Stephen Paddock began shooting from the 31st floor of a nearby hotel.

“We didn’t really think about it,” Vura remembered, “it was just..we gotta get up there and help who we can.”

“People were all getting trapped and barricaded,” he added. “You start helping people get over the barricade.”

The pair came across several wounded- sucking chest wounds, neck wounds and other injuries- and treated them for their injuries. Upon becoming separated in the chaos, Sergeant Vura began carrying the dead and wounded out of the killzone.

Still treating a woman who was shot in the neck, Corporal Cox stayed with his patient and got her out of harm’s way.

“We got in one of the first vehicles with two young ladies,” Cox remembered. “They rushed us to the hospital.”

When SWAT began clearing the area, the crowds were dispersed.

For the two Marines, the incident was a sobering reminder that anything can happen at any given moment- and that it pays to be prepared.

“I went to this country concert to get away from my real life problems,” Vura said. “It became the realest moment of my life.”

“Being a Marine 24/7, inside the wire outside the wire,” Cox added. “You know, the people really do need the Marines to help out in situations like that.”

“This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos,” Dakota Meyer wrote on Twitter- sparking a fued with Bilzerian.

“Dan Bilzerian [,] this is what kills me about people like you. Always playing “operator dress up” and so so tough when the cameras are on. A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming[.] that’s not what operators do.”

Dan Bilzerian (left) tells Dakota Meyer (right) to “go f**k himself” in a video posted on his social media.

Bilzerian rebutted by saying, “some Marine saying that I was a pu**y for running away and that I should have stood my ground when I got a guy shooting at me with a machine gun.”

“So, I mean, if we follow that retard’s logic, we’d probably have, you know, 600 dead if everybody stood their ground instead of running for cover.”

Despite Bilzerian’s insult, countless more lives may have been lost if not for two other Marines with “retard logic”, who stayed in the killzone to save others on that fateful day.

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