Marines forced to surrender weapons and vehicles in Yemen

CNN is reporting that US Marines who were assigned to guard the US embassy in Yemen have been forced to give up their weapons and vehicles to Iranian backed Houthi rebels as they departed the airport as part of the evacuation of all US personnel from Yemen. According to CNN, the shocking embarrassment occurred when the Marines arrived at the rebel controlled airport in Yemen.  There is one thing a Marine will never do and that is forfeit his weapon without a fight!

The order to give up weapons systems to enemies of the United States must have come from very high up the chain of command.  We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

(12FEB2015 0600) Update: reported that rebels seized more than 25 vehicles abandoned by departing American embassy staffers at Sanaa airport, including weapons left in the vehicles. According to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren, the embassy’s Marine detachment left their personal sidearms behind since they would be unable to take them on the commercial flights they were leaving on. He also noted their heavier weapons, automatic weapons, and crew served weapons were destroyed before leaving the embassy. A statement issued by the Marines stated no usable weapons were left behind. Later, rebels violently dispersed several anti-Houthi protests, beating and stabbing demonstrators as they tried to march toward the U.N.

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