Marines dog pile Marine’s wife after most “boot” wedding cermony ever

A Navy veteran, history teacher, and former wife of a Marine talks about the wedding and marriage that may have led her to become an “intersectional” feminist.

Vivian, only identified by the Twiter handle, @vivianhottenbox, got married 18 years ago, on July 22, to a Marine living in the barracks next to hers. In 2000, she was a young Sailor living in Army barracks in Pensacola because the Navy barracks were full. Next door, were the Marines and it didn’t take long for one to propose in true “boot” fashion.

“If I look mad, it’s because he, and all the other Marines in attendance, were drunk and disorderly. Reception followed at Hooters and my wedding night was in the barracks,” she wrote on Twitter.

For some (the Marines in attendance), her description of the wedding would sound like a good time, but for Vivian, that was not even the worst parts of the wedding. At first glance, the groom looks to be striking some martial arts pose while wearing a Karate gi. After closer inspection, you can see he is just that inebriated and in full 90’s fashion attire.

“He was just disheveled and it was 2000, so that hanging belt thing was a thing. I think,” Vivian wrote.  “By that point, I had been told just minutes earlier to get a move on as they weren’t sure he wouldn’t pass out soon.”

While the groom’s actions only speak for himself, a Marine behind him, politely stood at parade rest. In the forefront of the photo, a man who appears to be a priest can be seen in all black but looks can be deceiving.

“The officiant was a kid in my class who got his license online, and wore the all-weather coat in July to add, I dunno, respectability?”

Looking back on the wedding, she wrote, “I am nothing if not classy. And blessedly divorced.”  On the other hand, the Marines in attendance might feel differently -just as young Marines today might describe it as a perfectly awful Marine wedding.

For them, the truly worst part of remembering the wedding could be the fact Vivian has not shared enough photos, especially of the ending of the ceremony.

“I have a picture of when the guys all dog-piled me when he pronounced us man and wife, too…”

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