Marines caught on camera trashing a home while in uniform

US Marines staying at a San Diego-area AirBnB caused so much damage during a wild party, they effectively destroyed two houses and put one AirBnBer out of the industry for good.

Renting her place out to Marines while visiting San Francisco for her birthday, Lindsay Grant soon found herself watching in horror as security cameras recorded what effectively turned into a flooded house party.

After one Marine drove a truck into a fire hydrant, water can be seen flooding the house, rising over 1 foot and causing knee-deep damage in her neighbor’s home.

“We saw water starting. We were watching our house flood in real time,” she said.

When Grant asked a friend to go eject the dress blues-wearing Marines from her house, they did not wish to leave. However, they eventually packed up and left, leaving behind two homes that were effectively uninhabitable.

According to CBS 8, her neighbors will be displaced for over two months, while walls and other parts of the structure are demolished and rebuilt.

While AirBnB was willing to cover some of the damages to Grant’s home, her neighbor was not so lucky.

Grant has since reached out to the Marines’ chain of command, in hopes of ensuring the Marines help pay for damages.

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  • Michael Swaney

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