Marine will stand trial for gruesome killing of gay Army Reserve officer

Kevin Corset (right) is set to stand trial for the murder of Army officer Alvin Bulaoro.

A Marine veteran has been ordered to stand trial for the murder of an Army Reserve officer.

U.S. Marine Corporal Kevin Corset was arrested for killing Army First Lieutenant Alvin Bulaoro three years ago in January 2013.

Kevin Coset was found competent to stand trial at a mental competency hearing Monday.

The 24-year-old Army reservist was found zipped up in a sleeping bag inside a 1997 Toyota 4Runner.  Prosecutors say Corset slit Bulaoro’s throat from ear-to-ear, stabbed him 44 times, and shot him in the head twice.

Prosecutors called it a “horrific” murder, and said the suspect tried to conceal evidence of his alleged crime, according to the local NBC news.

The original arrest warrant sated that Corset killed Bulaoro in a hotel room and then drove his body to the shopping center parking lot where they had met before going to the hotel.

Bulaora’s brother said he was a homosexual, according in the warrant. His brother indicated he may have been headed for a popular San Diego gay bar when he was first reported missing on December 23.

Detectives said the two exchanged 29 text messages and a phone call during the two days leading up to his disappearance in December.

Investigators discovered that the last person Bulaoro had contacted was Corset on a “pay as you go” phone that Corset had purchased on December 19.

He was eventually arrested on the Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton on February 22, 2013.

During a preliminary hearing, NCIS detective Jason Keller read the following excerpt from Coset’s diary about the murder:

“Tonight I had to kill for the third time. It was a guy named Alvin Bulaoro in Fallbrook. It was definitely a him or me situation. I find no joy in killing but must survive in my fight against the evil Musgrove organization.  They have been plotting against me for years now as well as entering my mind and stealing my intelligence.”

If Corset is found guilty he could face the death penalty or life in prison.

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