Marine wife didn’t realize her “influencer video” was illegal until the police showed up

A US Marine and his wife had their child taken from them after attempting to perform a careless and dangerous act with him for TikTok clout.

Savannah Glembin, the wife of USMC Non-Commissioned Officer Hank Glembin, reportedly got in trouble for what many considered to be child abuse.

The controversy surrounds the couple wrapping their son, Gunner, in Saran Wrap- style cling film.

The video immediately drew criticism from her 1.1 million followers, and Child Protection Services were eventually called in to handle the matter.

“I made the biggest mistake of my life posting this video,” Savannah said. “Genuinely and truly, he was laughing and smiling and was out of the plastic in under five minutes.”

According to the New York Post, after Child Protection Services investigated the matter, it was revealed that Hank had wrapped the child in cling film as a joke because the little tyke had attempted to put a fork in an electrical outlet.

“Right now, we’re dealing with a situation where Gunner has been taken from us until CPS can evaluate our home because I posted a video of my husband and son playing,” Savannah said in a follow-up video.

“That video was skewed in a way [and resulted in] people thinking we were abusing our child. But he was laughing and smiling and it was just a funny thing Hank (her husband) did because Gunner was getting into the stove that day and tried putting a fork in a socket,” she continued. “Hank playfully wrapped him in cling wrap, he had room to move, he looked like a little cucumber. At no point was he in distress or crying.”

Gunner has since been returned to his parents, though his father most likely faces trouble of his own with his unit.

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