Marine who does adult content ditches boyfriend over playing COD for a man who went to jail for her

A US Marine veteran who was featured in tabloids after leaving the Corps to start up an OnlyFans account is now dating a man “who went to jail for her.”

In January of last year, she went viral for calling out her boyfriend for wanting to play Call of Duty over playing with her.

While it’s not known if gaming is the reason for breaking up but Brittany, known as “@BitchingBrittany,” has moved on from him for a new boyfriend.

“Some would say ride or die,” she wrote on TikTok with a video featuring the caption: “He spent a night in jail for me and [he has] been by my side since.”

@bitchingbrittany Some would say ride or die #greenscreenvideo #boyfriend #goals #couple #love #trending #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – sounds🎧

She has removed any videos featuring her ex-boyfriend and has yet to elaborate on what her new boyfriend did to end up in jail.

After she went viral for calling out her ex-boyfriend, she received a flood of comments and removed her OnlyFans account or created another under a different name. According to her LinkTree, her OnlyFans account is still inactive.

She also lost a few thousand followers on TikTok -going from 112k to 109k- since calling out the widely popular game franchise.

Last month, Call of Duty averaged over 85k players playing at any given time and in July of last year, IGN reported the game had around 90 million monthly players.

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