Marine vet, husband of ‘Reopen NC’ co-founder says he’s willing to kill to stop the ‘New World Order’

A US Marine veteran and the husband of a reopen North Carolina movement leader has sworn to take up arms if the “New World Order” threatens the liberties of the American people.

In a video that was posted to social media, Adam Smith stated that he would join other Americans in resisting authoritarian lockdown measures, should their rights and livelihoods continue to be curtailed.

“America said, ‘No,’” said Smith, a Marine Corps veteran. “We’re taking up arms. It’s time for us to fight against this. We’re not going to stop. If you want to go to the full force time, we have the forces to retaliate. And that’s really at the end of the day the only thing that’s going to secure our freedom is our willingness to step up and fight. Do we want to pick up arms? Do we want to kill anybody? Of course not. Nobody wants to take lives.”

Smith clarified that he was not seeking to inflict terror, but was willing to use force against those willing to use force against him in order to further their goals.

“We don’t want to kill anybody,” he said. “But are we willing to kill people? Are willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes. Is that violence? Is that terrorism? No. It’s not terrorism. I’m not trying to strike fear in the hearts of people by saying, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ I’m going to say: If you bring force- We’re going to bring force. If you bring guns, we’re going to bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’ll be armed with this.”

According to WFAE, Smith’s wife is Ashley Smith, who was arrested last month while participating in the third “Reopen NC” protest outside the governor’s mansion in Raleigh.

“My husband is a veteran and was a US Marine,” Mrs. Smith wrote of her spouse on Reopen NC’s Facebook page. “He swore to uphold the Constitution.”

While her husband’s post was originally taken down due to alleged misrepresentation by “liberal media” outlets, Ashley Smith stated that she’s releasing the full video for clarification.

“Maybe you agree with him and maybe you don’t but we have nothing to hide,” she said. “This group is built on the Constitution, and that includes free speech and the Second Amendment. Could he have said it better? Maybe, but that’s not for anyone to decide how a free person should speak their mind. Our founding fathers would not be pleased that we gave up so much for so little. Look how hard we are having to fight to get our freedom back!”

North Carolina has slowly been reopening as of last Friday, though the extent of the reopening has been more limited than previously suggested.

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