Marine vet from the ‘hot Marine memes’ strips down for sexy photo shoot

A US Marine who became a full-time model bares all when it comes to the side-effects of her camera work.

Shannon Ihrke spent for years in an administrative role in the US Marines, spending time at duty stations in South Carolina and Illinois before settling down in the latter state.

After ther time in service was up, she took up as many modeling jobs she could find until she competed in a local radio station’s “Rock Girl” competition in 2013. Securing her place, she quickly began climbing the ladder in the modeling world.

However, she isn’t all looks- according to her social media, Ihrke also has a bachelor’s degree in science from Elmhurst College and works as a horse trainer.

“I owe the Marine Corps my life, hands down. It gave me a reason to wake up, push myself, set goals, and to push myself even harder when things got tough,” she told a British tabloid. “Had I not had other dreams I still wanted to accomplish in my life I would have re-enlisted without hesitation… and although I am no longer on active duty, I will always bleed green.”

However, she also credits hard work over her military experience, citing in previous interviews that a military background can only help so much.

“A lot of people think that just having a military background will open doors for you, but unfortunately it’s just not that way,” she said. “A lot of people have military backgrounds nowadays so it’s important to find other things that make you stand out as well. You have to put together a great resume, work your tail off, and let any rejection you might receive motivate you instead of discourage you. Have perseverance. Make sure you’re constantly working to improve yourself by taking college courses, volunteering, or anything else that might help to impress a potential employer.”

Ihrke admits she gets requests for dates, explicit photos and even marriage proposals from thirsty men on a regular basis- to no avail, of course.

You get those guys who will offer you money for their own “private photos” or marriage proposals but I just ignore them and sometimes just laugh them off,” she told The Sun. “I model because it’s something I love to do, it’s not to get money or marriage proposals from men. I simply enjoy exploring my modelling range and working with some incredibly talented artists and trying to help others along the way.”

However, there are some messages she receives that are welcome, loud and clear.

“I’m the most happy when I get messages from people saying that I’ve inspired them in some way,” she said.

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