Marine vet congressman exposes secret about American hostage in Afghanistan

Congressman Hunter attends Memorial Day celebration at Lakeside VFW. Photo credit:

Congressman Duncan Hunter’s (California, 50th District) letter has brought attention to the case of a secret U.S. hostage being held by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network.

The group, which operates along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, is known to negotiate for captives, most notably in the case of Bowe Bergdahl.  The Army Sgt. was released by the terrorists in exchange for five senior Taliban fighters.

Now, it’s been revealed, through a letter written to Obama by Congressman hunter, that another American is being held hostage by the Haqqani. Details surrounding this man’s kidnapping remain unclear, and his precise whereabouts are unknown. No public demands have been made on his behalf, according to the Daily Beast.  However, officials with direct knowledge of the case say the hostage is “alive and in good health.”

Hunter served three combat tours overseas: two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. In 2003, Hunter deployed to Iraq with the 1st Marine Division. Hunter completed his second tour in 2004, where he and his fellow Marines were at the center of combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq.  After he completed his four years of active duty he transferred to the reserves where he has achieved the rank of Major.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) served in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of Hunter’s office)
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) served in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of Hunter’s office)

Congressman Hunter is a fierce critic of Obama’s hostage recovery policies.  He’s calling on the President to appoint a new hostage recovery coordinator.  Right now, the FBI is in charge of the new Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell — which was established after the abduction and killing of four Americans at the hands of ISIS.

Hunter is opposed to the FBI’s role in this cell, because as a law enforcement organization, he says, the agency is unfit to lead hostage recovery efforts in hostile areas.

While Hunter’s letter does not disclose the hostage’s name, he writes to Obama that “there are still Americans in captivity in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.” The Daily Beast reports that by “Americans,” the lawmaker is referring to all Americans– including Caitlin Coleman, her child and the unnamed American man being held.

Coleman was kidnapped with her husband – a Canadian citizen – while traveling in Afghanistan in 2012. She reportedly had a child while being held in captivity by the Taliban.

Caitlin Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle. Photo Credit: Associated Press
Caitlin Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle. Photo Credit: Associated Press

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