Marine tries to avoid getting promoted by sabotaging his promotion ceremony

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What comes with being promoted in the military is more pay and depending on the MOS, or rank, it could be a lot more work.

For one Marine, he didn’t have time for any of that and went viral this week while denying a promotion.

A Space Force Guardian posted the video of the unnamed Marine to TikTok this week with the caption: “he was getting a promotion and he didn’t want it (more responsibility) so he kept saluting in order to not get promoted!”

For those who don’t know, service members only salute commissioned officers (unless it is a Medal of Honor recipient) but unlike the Army and the Air Force, the Navy and Marine Corps’ policies are a bit different.

In the Army and Air Force, soldiers and airmen are allowed to salute indoors during promotion ceremonies but Sailors and Marines are prohibited to salute without their cover (cap) which is also prohibited from being worn inside.

In 2008, the Marine Corps made an exception for saluting the flag indoors but for this Marine, that wasn’t the case.

As the Marine began saluting, his staff sergeant slaps his hand down from his face but the determined Marine was not dissuaded.

After his third attempt to salute, the staff sergeant grasped the young Marines’ wrist and held it by his side.

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“You’re getting this promotion whether you like it or not,” a TikTok user commented to suggest what the staff sergeant might have said.

“A true sham lord would have just started using the other hand,” another user said, pointing out that saluting with the wrong hand would have made the act of rebellion even better.

We may never know who this brave Marine is but he is clearly cut out to be a ‘Terminal Lance’ [corporal].

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