Marine stops brawl at high school by hulk tackling students

A US Marine broke up a high school fight in stunning fashion, delivering “shock & awe” in the form of a tackle that left everyone stunned.

The fight took place last week at Edison High School, located in Stockton, California, and was between two young men who were filmed trading blows as a large crowd cheered them on.

Suddenly, Marine Private First Class Josue Valdez Sarmiento bolts from the crowd, leaping into the air and taking the two young men down with a solid tackle.

As the Marine gets up, one of the students remained dazed and confused on the ground, while the other still attempted to fight, only to be held back.

While the school district has gotten involved, they have since handed the investigation over to the Stockton Police.

“Stockton Unified is aware of the student matter that took place on 9/11/19 at Edison High School and the recording circulating on social media. We are actively investigating the situation,“ the Stockton Unified School District said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the US Marine Corps is backing Valdez Sarmiento, who graduated from the school and was assisting recruiters on the day of the smackdown.

“He saw a dangerous fight break out. Upon observing that situation, he moved over and broke up the fight,” said U.S. Marine Maj. Thomas Driscoll. “Although, the manner in which he did (could) have been improved, we are proud of Pfc. Valdez Sarmiento for his decision to intervene.”

According to KCRA3, some students -who were more than willing to film the fight and cheer on the combatants- were taken aback by the Marine’s response.

“It was just too excessive (of) force how he came toward the kids,” said Edison High student Johnny Hempill. “I feel like going at a kid, especially when he’s not looking, makes more of an impact.”

The condition of the students is unknown, and the school is looking into why staff did not respond to the incident sooner.

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