Marine sergeant tears young Marine cook a new one over terrible food service

It is usually good advice for a young enlisted service member to try not to draw attention to themselves, but one young Marine private could not avoid having his terrible performance in the field noticed yesterday.

A Marine, Sam Hanson, posted a video of the Marine, only identified as “Lane,” being scolded by two superiors for his performance as a cook during meal time.

“All ******* day you have been doing dumb s**t,” one Marine sergeant screamed.

“You overserved the ******* bacon so we ******* ran out. So ******* Marines aren’t ******* getting ******* bacon because you wanted to give ******* a couple like eight ******* pieces. Wrong ******* portion sizes. You let everything in the ******* mess tent run the **** out after I just ******* told you to ******* watch it.”

As the quite impressive profanity-laced tirade continued, the young Marine surprisingly maintained his composure.

“I talked to you about being ******* respectful, right,” he asked.

Filled with the fear from a Marine Corp NCO’s knife hand, Lane eventually musters enough courage to squeak out an inaudible excuse.

Which was likely far from something an NCO wanted to hear but the “ass chewing” was interrupted by a surprise…

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