Marine says she creates adult content in uniform to give back to veterans

Source: Taylor Gunner/Twitter

A former US Marine junior non-commissioned officer traded in her uniform for an OnlyFans account— and she now has more men at her command than ever before.

Taylor Gunner, who previously served as a corporal in the United States Marine Corps, was allowed to narrate a written essay on about her journey from the e-tool to the e-girl pipeline.

“This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Taylor Gunner. It has been edited for length and clarity,” the essay read.

In the lengthy discussion, Gunner explains how she went from the Corps to the OF world.

“During my basic training as a Marine, the drill instructor barked orders at me for 13 weeks straight,” she said. “The experience taught me to show respect and have discipline. Now that I’m retired, that’s served me well in my career outside the armed services. About 70% of my followers on OnlyFans are active military or veterans.”

Dressed in ways that she capitalizes on her prior military service, she barks orders to her “fans” and they happily obey.

Taylor Gunner

“It’s easy for me to click right back to where I was in the Marine Corps seven years ago,” she added. “One minute, I’ll be the fantasy drill instructor, the next, the recruiter. I wear the camo and dress uniforms that I wore on duty, even my old flak jacket with its metal plates. When I’m shooting content with an extra 20 pounds on me, it’s a heavy workout.”

It should be noted that the issued ballistic plates are made of ceramic, not metal.

Prior to joining the Marines, Gunner worked as a telemarketer, server, and roller-rink attendant, But ultimately joined the most PR-heavy branch after she learned they would pay for her tuition.

“My whole life revolved around the Marine Corps. I don’t talk about my deployment overseas, but it was a nomad’s existence,” she said. “In the US, I went from North Carolina to Mississippi, California to Arizona.”

“I loved the excitement of handling weapons,” she went on. “Shooting rifles and pistols was awesome. Grenade launchers were my favorite. You just point at your target, and they do the rest.”

Eventually, Gunner injured her back and was medically retired from the service. It is unknown if the injury was combat-related.

After getting out of the service, she and her boyfriend at the time began entering the swinger community, which led to her posting a few photos of herself on social media, complete with military accouterments.

After realizing that there was no shortage of lonely men willing to pay for such images, she joined the ever-growing community of women selling explicit media for money.

“People said things like, ‘She has the most beautiful eyes,’ and, ‘She looks so friendly.’ I had 30,000 followers. It boosted my self-esteem, and it made sense to set up an OnlyFans account,” she said.

Finding a way to relive her prior military life through roleplay and clearing more money than she ever has before, Gunner now has 25,000 followers.

However, she claims to have altruistic intentions.

“One of the biggest reasons I brought the Marines into my content was to watch out for veterans,” she said. “Suicide rates are way too high in the military community. I do a lot of what we call ‘buddy checks,’ asking if people are OK. Everybody needs a friend.”

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