Marine says he’s still looking for his adult DVD that was taken during the invasion of Iraq

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A US Marine veteran has put on the pounds and is bringing the laughs as a stand-up comedian, using his combat-forged sense of humor to help people understand the personal priorities of military servicemembers.

Prior to being a comedian, Mitch Burrow served in the US Marine Corps, partaking in the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

After the Marines, he “started a career in manufacturing before realizing that it sucked.” Not long after realizing where he didn’t want to be, he took his down-home southern humor and put it to use on the stage.

Burrow isn’t afraid to talk about topics that make people squirm, but he doesn’t come across as smugly as other comedians have in recent years. From identifying as a Republican to talking about why arbitrary hero worship of military personnel is a silly thing, Burrow can take conversations other comedians wouldn’t touch and make them funny for a wide audience.

“I get uncomfortable when people are like, ‘Thank you for your service,’” he said. “You know, I’m always like, ‘Aw, I didn’t do it for you.’”

“You shouldn’t support all the troops,” he joked. “There’s just too many of them. It’s a numbers game- odds are, a few of them are a**holes.”

In one show, Burrow told the story about how he lended an adult DVD (going by the title of Bobby Sox) to a fellow Marine who was feeling beside himself in combat, describing the lengthy procedures in acquiring skin flicks back before the internet made the process quite easy.

“We were in a warzone, okay?” he said. “Let me explain. You see, it wasn’t just a porn DVD, it was called Bobby Sox, it was produced by Vivid Entertainment, okay? Bits of information I remember about a pornographic DVD from 14 years ago that none of you can recall from the porn you watched this afternoon.”

According to Burrow, one had to buy from a magazine, wait weeks for it to arrive and then enjoy the disc. Taking the disc into combat, the item was special enough that he felt it would be helpful to share with his friend- who promptly “lost” it.

“I’m upset that he made it back home,” Burrow said in jest.

First released in 1996, Bobby Sox won six Adult Video News awards, including best picture. It is unknown what fate Burrow’s DVD may have suffered, though our money is on it being in the possession of a deceased ISIS member, who found it as a young Iraqi teenager and held onto it until death.

Burrow also talked about gaining weight, and that while being fat is horrible, getting fat is a delicious and wonderful process.

According to his bio, Burrow has appeared on 6 episodes of the Fox Show Laughs where he was listed as “The Next Big Thing” on his first appearance. He has been heard on the Bob and Tom show which is syndicated to over 100 cities as well as overseas on the Armed Forces Network (making him the only thing worth watching on AFN).

In addition to his many accolades, Burrow performed in the Great American Comedy Festival , was a semifinalist in the Laughing Skull Festival, and has performed in many other festivals such as Bumbershoot in Seattle, Laughing Derby in Louisville, and the Rocky Mountain Comedy Festival in Salt Lake City.

Originally from Georgia, Burrow now lives in Seattle and is a local favorite.

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