Marine says desk job is too tiring because he has to work at “7:30”

A US Marine’s filmed view into his “everyday life” make him seem like kind of a wuss.

Allegedly based in Okinawa and a native of Maryland, Corporal Mosely gave us a look into his daily routine late last month, which included complaining about having to report to duty at 0730.

“We used to get up at zero-eight,” Mosely whinged from inside of his vehicle, dressed in civilian clothes. “Now we got this huge change, big difference. I get up at 0730 now…Oh, I gotta be there at 0730…I gotta be up at six.”

Mosely picks up a female coworker before he walks through his facility, filming the interior of his workplace.

While it is uncertain what the young corporal does, the video implies that he works an administrative job, due to the amount of time he spends in an office.

Sitting down at a cafe, Mosely can be heard complaining about coming in early with his comrades before they don their uniforms and go to work, which -you guessed it- involves doing very little.

He says he’s going home after work and questions why his superior pushes him and other Marines to do PT after work.

Mosely wastes three minutes of his audience’s time eating an organic brownie, which he doesn’t seem to enjoy.

At the end of the day, the Marine grabs his gear and returns to his apartment.

In another video, Mosely answered questions about his Marine service and talked about being an amateur rapper, as well as discussing how he was “violated” in boot camp at age 17.

Mosely is reportedly contemplating leaving the US Marine Corps for a YouTube career, though it is unknown at this time since he runs the possibility of picking up Sergeant.

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