Marine saves police officer’s life after dying in accident

A Dallas police officer’s life has been saved by a US Marine, after the Marine had already died

Marine Sergeant Payton McCarty was involved in motorcycle wreck near Waxahachie, Texas, a little over two weeks ago. While emergency crews managed to resuscitate him, it would only be a temporary measure.

“He was gone and they resuscitated him,” said Josh Forner, McCarty’s brother-in-law and a Dallas officer. “That gave [the family] three or four days of closure, and that allowed time so he could be a donor.”

Only a few days prior, Forner has heard that one of his fellow DPD officers -Officer Bryson Brown- was in desperate need of a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with kidney disease and had had difficulty finding a matching donor.

While Forner had been considering donating his own kidney, his brother in law’s untimely demise had opened a new window for Brown.

“I was going to consider giving Bryson a kidney, and then this incident happened,” he said.

After mentioning it to his sisters and the doctors, tests were conducted that resulted in McCarty and Brown being a match.

The family made the call to donate the kidney before Brown’s surgery last Friday and report her is doing well.

On Monday, widow Brittany McCarty and her brother were able to visit Brown.

“Just to know that Bryson’s okay and doing better than expected, and going to get home sooner than expected, that’s Bryson’s strength. That’s Payton’s strength,” said Brittany McCarty.

Dwayne Brown, Brown’s father and a retired DPD officer, says the transplant is a lifesaver for his son.

“He doesn’t want to be behind a desk pushing paper,” said the elder Brown. “He loves patrol.”

Sergeant McCarty is scheduled to be buried at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery on Tuesday. He is survived by his wife and two young children.

According to WTSP, his brother in-law says the Marine will continue to serve, even long after his death.

“He definitely gained some family,” Forner said of Brown. “But we gained some too.”

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