Marine pilot draws penis nearly a year after Navy pilots disciplined for same stunt

Marine aviators flew in a pattern that created a pattern in the shape of a penis (right), similar to that of what Navy pilots created in November (left).

Despite Navy aviators being disciplined for drawing a penis in the sky over Washington State in November, a Marine Corps pilot flew in a similar pattern over California’s Salton Sea.

On Tuesday, a T-34C aircraft from the Miramar-based Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing appeared to be in a holding pattern over the Westmoreland and the Salton Sea before it landed at Palm Springs International Airport.

But a closer look at the flight pattern shows the pilot of the T-34C must have intentionally flown this pattern as it clearly paints a picture of a penis.

The radar readings of the flight pattern were made public by Aircraft Spots, who distributed pictures across Twitter.

“It was surgical,” one user wrote. “Attention to detail is critical in naval aviation,” another chimed in. “God Bless America,” said another.

While most believed that Navy pilots struck again, Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman for 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, confirmed the aircraft indeed belongs to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101.

“I can say the investigation is already underway,” he told Marine Corps Times, before adding that the drawing obscures the many good deeds done by Marines.

The Naval aviators who pulled the stunt in November were only identified as lieutenants, and their punishments were never publically disclosed, so the fate these Marine aviators may never be known.

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