Marine officer arrested after pulling gun on a family in Florida

Kevin Robert Harris (Monroe County Jail)

A US Marine Corps officer was arrested in Key West, Florida after he reportedly threatened cyclists with a gun.

Major Kevin Robert Harris, who lives in Doral, is accused of flashing a weapon at cyclists over the weekend.

According to the family involved, Harris was frustrated that he could not pass the group on their bicycles as they rode along a public street.

One member of the group alleges that Harris pulled up beside them, telling them to get off the road.

In response, Harris was told to “mind his business and that bicycles were allowed to travel in the roadway in Key West.”

Harris drove away but later encountered them at a nearby intersection, where he allegedly began screaming at the head of the family to come fight him in a parking lot.

During the tirade, Harris reportedly brandished a firearm and noticed that there were two grown men amongst the family group.

“Harris appeared to be excited (at) the fact that there were two men that would fight him,” the report states.

“Police said the victim told them he wished to pursue charges against Harris,” KWPD Officer Joshua Hesse said in a statement. “I was told the entire family was still shaken by the event and he felt strongly that he believed his whole family’s safety was placed in imminent danger by Harris, especially his daughters.”

Later, when police tracked down Harris’ vehicle, they alleged that he made an evasive turn before they eventually caught up to him.

A firearm was found inside the SUV, according to Local 10.

Harris claimed that he was using the vehicle-equipped GPS, and denied evading police.

When asked about the incident, Harris reportedly gave a watered-down version of events, although he did admit to certain things when pressed by law enforcement.

Harris, who is currently in the Monroe County Jail, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

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