Marine NCO upset her “single mom work” is being passed around by Marines and she’s not being paid

The internet is anything but private and will -for better or worse- make you immortal, one female Marine has learned.

A Marine Reserves NCO going by “Madison Willis” has been outed as the female Marine whose photos are generating a lot of interest amongst personnel at Camp Wilson in Twentynine Palms- and she effectively outed herself.

A single mother, Willis claims she was simply trying to supplement her Marine Reserve pay to cover bills by partaking in the porn industry, with some of her work eventually making it to well-known sites such as XHamster.

“I’m a single mom and full-time student so I was doing what I could to pay the bills,” Willis said. “It doesn’t make sense for me to get a night job because I already pay for his school during the day, and then I’d have to pay for night care and which would just be my whole paycheck anyway.”

To her outrage, she soon found that Marines were sharing her photos without permission, abusing their access to her subscription-only OnlyFans adult service and disseminating the images across the USMC.

In response, Willis went to both her chain of command and the Marine Corps Times, claiming such a matter was reminiscent of the Marines United scandal of years ago.

Verily, the USMC has claimed that an active-duty Marine distributing such content for free may be a violation of orders concerning the wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images.

As for Willis, it appears the real crime is not that many Marines now know what she looks like under her cammies, but that they didn’t pay to see it.

“It’s unfortunate because it’s something I already feel terrible for doing,” the Marine said. “Not that I wanted to do it long term, but now that income is gone because people are stealing my content.”

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