Marine in trouble for using uniform to promote Donald Trump

Marine Corporal Jason Perkins delivers a stirring rendition of the National Anthem for the 2014 Alabama State Games Opening Ceremonies. (Screenshot from ASF Foundation video below)

A Marine, who recently performed the national anthem in full uniform at a Donald Trump campaign rally, has been told to stop wearing his uniform at political activities.

Cpl. Jason Perkins, who is a reservist with Combat Logistics Battalion 451 out of North Carolina, impressed the crowd at a November 21 campaign rally for Trump with his rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which he performed in his uniform.

According to the Daily Caller, the video of his performance went viral. When some members of the military saw the video, they pointed out that Perkins was in violation of a regulation that prohibits service members from wearing their uniforms to political events.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with Marine Jason Perkins after he sang the National Anthem during a campaign stop Saturday in Birmingham, Ala. (AP)

Capt. Andrew Chrestman, the Marine Forces Reserve spokesman, said that high-ranking officers reached out to Perkins after his performance at the campaign rally.

“Cpl. Perkins is now aware that his conduct violated a long-standing DoD policy,” Chrestman said. “He has been informed of the appropriate ways to participate in the political process as a member of the Marine Corps.”

The Department of Defense allows military members to participate in political campaigns as private citizens, but the department does not allow them to associate themselves with any political candidate or cause while in uniform.

While Crestman declined to say if Perkins was punished for his actions, the Marine Forces Reserve posted a picture of Perkins on its Facebook page as a reminder to troops that they shouldn’t wear their uniforms to political events.

“It’s just frustration caused by an unnecessary violation of one of the basic rules we are all taught at boot camp,” a page administrator wrote in the comments section beneath the post.

According to the Daily Caller, Trump’s campaign rally wasn’t the first time Perkins violated the uniform rule.

Perkins was also filmed wearing his uniform while singing the national anthem at the annual meeting of the Greer Chamber of Commerce in Greer, South Carolina, in 2014.

Both Perkins and the Trump campaign declined to comment on the story.

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