Marine fights retired Marine at Walmart on Black Friday

Black Friday brings out the worst in people- including two US Marines, who ended up getting into a brawl that was captured on film.

The cellphone video shows an active duty Marine taking on a retired Marine at a California Walmart, after a cart-bumping incident led to one of the men being less-than-jolly with the elderly woman pushing the shopping cart.

When the other Marine came to the woman’s defense, the two Devil Dogs decided a public throwdown was the way to go.

Taking up an entire aisle, the skinny pants-wearing Marine eventually dropped the larger one, bringing him to the ground before the fight resumed once more.

While the incident was broken up by an armed security guard, neither man wished to press charges against the other.

According to ABC11, the Walmart was located in Murrietta, which is between Camp Pendleton and Twentynine Palms.

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