Marine drill instructor accused of peeping on recruit and unwanted touching of others

Screenshot from a Marine Corps safety video (YouTube)

An investigation conducted in March by the Recruit Training Regiment at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego found a Marine drill instructor acted inappropriately while in charge of a gender-integrated boot camp and recommended he be charged.

The unnamed drill instructor could face charges for allegedly subjecting female recruits to unwanted touching and looking into a porta-john that was occupied by a recruit.

All of the names in the Marine’s investigation report were redacted but the report refers to the accused as a staff noncommissioned officer (at least an E-6) in the regiment’s Company C.

The investigation determined the drill instructor had “created a toxic culture” and cited specific incidents reported by recruits.

Recruits claim the drill instructor asked them if any “hot moms or sisters” were coming to graduation and even grabbed one of them by the head “to make her do what was apparently his laundry,” the Marine Corps Times reported.

The investigation of the drill instructor began after that incident on Dec. 12, 2022.

Multiple recruits said he allegedly grabbed the female recruit by the head and said something along the lines of “I choose you. Meet me in the laundry room.”

“While the investigation is complete, the judicial proceedings are still pending, and no additional details can be released at this time,” Marine spokeswoman Capt. Bridget Glynn told Marine Corps Times in August via email.

The Recruit Training Order states drill instructors can only touch recruits in instances such as correcting a recruit’s position or inspecting the recruit’s equipment.

The report states three recruits claim they saw the drill instructor peer into the vents of a portable toilet while another recruit was using it but did not specify the gender of the recruit.

It also claims he fat-shamed female recruits by calling them “fat pigs” or “hippos” while they ate and also made a sexually suggestive comment to another recruit.

During an interview with the investigating officer, the drill instructor admitted to grabbing a recruit by the head about their “single or hot moms.” 

When questioned, male recruits said he hadn’t touched them inappropriately, called them names, or asked them inappropriate questions.

But one male recruit did say he did notice him spending a lot of time with the female recruits and knew all their names.

The investigating officer said she recommended the command punish him under Article 92 (failure to obey an order or regulation) and Article 134, which covers prohibited conduct that is of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, such as adultery.

“These types of behavior are unacceptable,” she wrote in her investigative report.

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